Welcome to the results section!

We are pleased to present the results of our project, which we have carefully crafted with educators like you in mind. These results have been carefully developed and tested with real educators to ensure their effectiveness and relevance in the dynamic world of online learning.

Discover our valuable GUIDELINES to help adult educators create engaging and effective group dynamics in virtual classrooms. Complementing these guidelines, you will find a comprehensive collection of EUROPEAN BEST PRACTICES in our RESOURCE LIBRARY that will inspire and enhance your online group interactions.

Engage yourself in our enriching PRACTICAL EXERCISES covering topics as diverse as language and entrepreneurship, environmental education, ICT inclusion and creative activities. We are committed to inclusion and our exercises are also suitable for people with disabilities, making education accessible to all.

Join our insightful WEBINARS where we trial these activities with real educators and present inspiring CASE STUDIES showing their practical implementation. These webinars are a testament to the positive impact these exercises can have in real classroom scenarios.

Immerse yourself in a world of innovation, creativity and learning transformation. Discover how our findings can revolutionise your online teaching approach and give you the tools to foster a thriving virtual learning community.



„Gairės, kaip geriau išlaikyti efektyvią grupės dinamiką virtualioje mokymosi aplinkoje.”


Duomenų bazė

Ištekliai, kaip palaikyti efektyvią grupės dinamiką virtualioje mokymosi aplinkoje ir parodyti Europos šalių praktiką. Šie ištekliai papildys gaires.


Praktinės veiklos

Veiklos, padėsiančios tobulinti kalbos, verslumo, aplinkosauginio švietimo, ir IKT įgūdžius, kūrybinės veiklos, kurias galima panaudoti švietime ir veiklos, skirtos neįgaliesiems.



Vebinarų metu bus išbandytos veiklos su švietėjais, bus pristatytos realios atvejo analizės, kaip sukurtas veiklas galima panaudoti praktikoje.



Discover powerful testimonial videos that show the transformation of our dynamic webinar series, where technology-enhanced teaching intersects with the art of education.

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