International webinars

We are delighted to share the exciting news that our cycle of international webinars, which took place throughout May and June, has been a great success. Over the course of these two months, we conducted a total of six webinars, each focusing on diverse topics:

  • “Keep students engaged during an online language class”
  • “Gathering your ideas! Being an entrepreneur & the Boss”
  • “How can we engage students while teaching environmental topics?”
  • “How to use artistic & creative activities for boosting online teaching creativity and learners’ engagement?”
  • “Practical exercises suitable for People with Disabilities”
  • “Keep Your students active during online ICT training”

Our main objective in organising these webinars was to pilot practical exercises in the partner countries and to enlarge the network of educational experts. We have exceeded our expectations in both aspects because more than 180 participants from various fields, including teachers, adult educators, and NGO representatives, actively took part in these webinars. 

The feedback we received from the participants was positive. They expressed that attending these webinars significantly improved their knowledge of engaging learners in a virtual environment. Additionally, they acquired valuable insights into new practical digital tools that they can readily utilise and adapt to their teaching practices.

The success of these webinars has further awakened participants’ interest in our project, and they have expressed their desire to stay informed about its ongoing implementation.

All webinars were recorded and you can access them on the project website –!

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