Practical exercises suitable for People with Disabilities

When teaching online, it can be hard to get people with disabilities interested. This webinar will show several hands-on activities that can make lessons more fun and facilitate learning simultaneously.


  • Present practical yet interesting exercises
  • Provide useful digital tools
  • Share with each other insights and tips

Keep students engaged during an online language class

It can be challenging to engage language learners in online courses. In this webinar, we will present a series of exercises to make lessons more fun while ensuring that learners learn through the process.


  • Achieve meaningful learning for students
  • Provide tools for learning a new language
  • Get students to use their knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar of another language

Gathering your ideas! Being an entrepreneur, being the Boss

Becoming an entrepreneur can be challenging. What are useful tools and must-knows? In this webinar you get to practice using these tools!


  • Gain knowledge about different business tools
  • Understand the importance of prioritising
  • Be able to assess qualities of entrepreneurs

How can we engage students while teaching environmental topics?

Working in an online environment and keeping students engaged might be a big challenge. In this webinar you will gain knowledge that will help to engage students while teaching environmental topics.


  • Present practical exercises that are suitable to teach environmental topics
  • Show ways how students can be engaged in the online environment

How to use artistic & creative activities for boosting online teaching creativity and learners' engagement?

It can be a challenge to keep learners’ engagement during online classes and meetings. In this webinar, we will present some helpful approaches and exercises on how to bring fresh air into your lessons, sessions and meetings through artistic & creative activities.


  • To provide insights about online teaching creativity.
  • To share helpful ideas on how to use artistic and creative activities into digital settings.
  • To get inspiration on how to diversify your online teaching and meeting routines and to keep your learners engaged.

Keep Your students active during online ICT trainings

Maintaining student engagement while working in an online environment can be challenging, even during ICT classes, that are closely related to digital technologies. During this webinar, we will present some useful exercises for educators, that they can use in their daily work.


  • Present practical exercises that are suitable to ICT trainings
  • Show ways how to include popular digital tools into the training session
  • Share ideas on how to break the online teaching routine and keep learners active and engaged”
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