Empowering Education and Inclusion: T4T partners present the project in a Let Her In event

Last September, Let Her In organised an international event in Reus, Spain, at Espai Boule, an open education centre. The meeting brought together representatives from 21 organisations from 13 countries, including Spain, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Cyprus, Portugal, Croatia, Romania and Lithuania. The event was another important step in the journey of Let Her In, an international network of organisations working for equal and full participation of all people in society, regardless of their gender, origin or abilities.

Let Her In is driven by a vision of a world where diversity is valued and gender equality is the norm in all aspects of life. Their commitment spans various fields including education, employment, politics, social life, civic participation and human rights. With unwavering determination, they work together for gender mainstreaming by strengthening the voices, knowledge and interests of all genders. Their mission is rooted in the pursuit of social justice and embraces people of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, sexual identities, abilities and socio-economic backgrounds.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the T4T project by DomSpain, a member of Let Her In. The presentation called attention to the aims of the project, its progress and the final steps needed to make it a success. It also showed up the positive impact the project has already made, especially through six highly successful webinars that were very well attended.

The international Let Her In event in Reus, Spain, demonstrated the commitment and determination of organisations such as DomSpain, Artied, Edupro, MyArtist, SAN and VIOne to strengthen education and promote inclusion.

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